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Typical Characteristics Determine How Well-Suited A Bearing Design Is For An Application. Here, Numerous Factors Influence The Choice Of Bearing Design, Such As Engine Speed, Weight And Installation Space.

Advantages of FXM bearings

  Minimal space requirement and low weight due to compact construction
  High durability
  Good damping of impacts, shocks and vibrations
  Tolerant to soiling, therefore lower sealing effort required
  Hydrodynamics in lubricated, high-speed applications
  Suitable for rotational, oscillating and translational motions
  Low costs for the adjacent construction, e.g. housing and shafts
  Low installation effort
  Very even running at high and low velocities
  High durability
  Use at very high and very low temperatures (200 °C to +280 °C)
  Various shapes and material compositions for different applications
  Special shapes and special dimensions




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