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  • What is a Bearing ? Let me take you to understand the bearing and function!
  • As a branch of mechanical equipment, three-dimensional garages are also inseparable from the use of bearings. FXM Bearings provides various shafts that can meet the needs of various three-dimensional garages.Bearing solutions. We also provide standard industry size products and customized soluti
  • The figure of the motor can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Although the uses are different, all motors have requirements on working efficiency, noise and vibrationVery high. The high speed, low noise and low vibration produced by Zhongda Bearing meet the needs of motor applications.In the app
  • Fans are essential for countless industrial production processes. Industrial fans operate under harsh conditions, often in difficult-to-maintain places.Cause various problems of bearings and reduce the normal running time, greatly reducing the service life of industrial fans. Zhongda Bearing's opera
  • There are many types of metallurgical equipment, not only the equipment required by the raw material plant, but also the equipment required from the upstream process to the downstream process such as the steel making process, the steel rolling process, and the smoothing process. These devices are eq
  • FXM Bearing is a leading brand of bearing products in the national agricultural machinery industry and a leading innovator of agricultural machinery bearings. FXM Bearing and equipment manufacturers walked into the farmland to discuss the challenges they face and the issues they are concerne
  • FXM Bearing provides reliable bearing products for the automotive industry. These bearings can provide longer life and have consistently excellent quality performance. The automotive industry has the highest requirements for quality, reliability, stability and cost-effectiveness.Drive bearings f
  • We provide a full range of bearing products for market segments such as conveyor belts, conveyors, food and beverage cleaning, and elevators.1. The optimized design of the bearing structure and high-level processing control ensure the smooth operation and low noise of the transmission process.2. Dif
  • FXM Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise, located in Linxi Shuangchuang Science and Technology Industrial Park, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. The company is committed to the research and development and manufacturing of high
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