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FXM Bearing provides reliable bearing products for the automotive industry. These bearings can provide longer life and have consistently excellent quality performance. The automotive industry has the highest requirements for quality, reliability, stability and cost-effectiveness.

Drive bearings for manual and automatic transmissions in automobiles, axles and drive axles, transfer cases, generators, clutches, and fans are required to provide a longer service life and consistent quality performance. Zhongda Bearing provides customized shafts

In order to meet the current and future long-term and efficient application requirements. In addition to providing a full range of standard size bearings, Zhongda Bearing can also customize product solutions according to specific dimensions, tolerances and capacity requirements.

1. Tough tapered roller bearing and deep groove ball bearing structure can extend bearing life and improve the reliability of equipment and vehicles.

2. Bearing solutions can be customized according to specific needs.

3. Application engineers focused on the industry provide you with thoughtful technical support.

4. Use advanced calculation software to optimize bearing design and performance.




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