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What are the roles of agricultural machinery bearings in mechanical equipment?

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1. Support and positioning: The main function of the bearing is to support the rotating or swinging body in the machinery and maintain its correct axial and radial position. Whether radial bearings or thrust bearings, they ensure that the shaft remains in a predetermined position during rotation or oscillation.

2. Reduce friction: Through its unique structural design and material selection, the bearing can greatly reduce the friction coefficient between the shaft and the bearing seat. This helps reduce energy loss, improve machine efficiency, and extend the service life of the machine.

3. Bear load: Bearings can withstand various loads from the shaft or mechanical system, including radial load, axial load and composite load. Different types of bearings have different load-bearing capacities to adapt to different working conditions. For example, spherical ball bearings and spherical roller bearings can automatically adjust the axis misalignment caused by deflection or non-concentricity of the shaft or housing, thereby bearing large radial and axial loads.

4. Buffering and shock absorption: During mechanical operation, bearings can play the role of buffering and shock absorption. When machinery is impacted or vibrated, bearings can absorb part of the energy and reduce damage to the shaft and other parts of the machinery.

5. Maintaining accuracy: The accuracy of the bearing is crucial to the overall performance of the machine. High-quality bearings can ensure the rotation accuracy and stability of the shaft and improve the working accuracy and reliability of the machine.

Agricultural machinery bearings play a variety of roles in agricultural machinery, including support, positioning, reducing friction, bearing loads, buffering and shock absorption, and maintaining accuracy. These roles together ensure the normal operation and efficient performance of the machine.




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