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  • Maintenance-free bearings are special rolling bearings designed to work stably for a long time without regular maintenance. This kind of bearing adopts special maintenance-free technology, so that there is no need to refuel the bearing during use, thereby avoiding pollution caused by continuous refu
  • Stamped seated outer spherical bearings, as a special bearing type, play an important role in many application scenarios with their unique design and performance.Features: Stamped spherical bearing is a kind of outer spherical bearing with an integral stamped spherical outer ring.1. Compact structur
  • Preparation1. Carefully read the technical documentation of the bearing seat to understand the structure, performance and installation requirements of the bearing seat.2. Check whether the required tools and materials are complete, including bolts, nuts, washers, lubricants, etc.3. Ensure that the i
  • UC 208 bearingInner spherical ball bearings are usually used in equipment that need to bear a certain load and have a certain rotation accuracy, such as transmission devices, mechanical equipment and motors.Features of UC208 outer spherical bearings:1 High performance: UC208 bearings have high load-
  • Cast iron square bearing seatCast iron square bearing seat is a more common type with high strength, good wear resistance and strong load-bearing capacity. Cast iron square bearing seats have low manufacturing costs and are widely used in light-load and low-speed equipment, such as agricultural mach
  • Advantages of square bearing seats1. Excellent material: Square bearing seats are mostly made of high-quality cast iron, which has high hardness, strength and wear resistance, ensuring its long service life.2. Reasonable structure: The structural design of the square bearing seat is relatively simpl
  • There are two main aspects in the selection of bearings: First, choose the type of bearing. You should roughly consider the load size, direction, and whether there is any impact? Factors such as speed, alignment requirements, allowed space, etc. The second is to choose the accuracy of the bearing. T
  • How to maintain bearings coated with rust inhibitors1. Foaming method: Some small and medium-sized objects choose the foaming method in the vegetable oil anti-rust treatment, so that their surfaces adhere to the vegetable oil anti-rust layer. The thickness of the oil film can be determined based on
  • When agricultural machinery is in use, it is found that some operators neglect to check and adjust the machinery in a timely manner, which will cause certain losses. For example: when the bearing clearance on the agricultural machinery wheel shaft exceeds the specified value, it should be adjusted o
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