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Strictly implement international quality standards and establish an image of a Sino-foreign joint venture

Quality comes from strength, regardless of the bearing material, processing technology, production equipment, quality inspection, FXM bearing adhering to the design at the core of quality management, to build the core competitiveness, to ensure bearing is widely used in all walks of life, ensure FXM bearing world-class quality bearing on detail perfect.


Detail decides success or failure:

FXM bearinggives a person a sense that is always full of vitality Rather than a rigorous, fine management, strict requirements for product quality and thoughtful customer service, is renowned in the industry, reliable.


Manufacture of flexible design :

Higher stability, More reliable, Fully automatic CNC wire production equipment


Low friction coefficient :

Force coefficient is increased by more than 30% compared with the common bearing


The first patent technology :

New product co infiltration coating bearing using high-tech means of processing,National patent technology with independent intellectual property rights,To improve thelife of more than 3 times


Credit service:

(FXMbearing)We keep credit record for all of our customers, and cooperate with China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation and alibaba. You are able to enjoy a certain level of payment credit based on your record, to help you enlarge your business.


FXM products

has solved the bearing in high speed and high load operation process to produce less noise and lower temperature, so as to improve the performance and service life of bearing, in order to reduce the runtime of waste, to reduce its impact on the environment, is precisely our definition of a green environment.

To ensure the production of high product quality and be the industry leader, FXM Corporation has built a Research & Development Center. The Center has multiple laboratories for mechanical testing, lifespan testing, and physicochemical testing, equipped with advanced precision measuring instruments and devices, and staffed with industry professionals. in the field to upgrade its technologies, improving its manufacturing level and product precision. Through continuous technology upgrades and improvements, and our quest for perfection, we are committed to increase our production standards and product precision.


1.Advanced Testing Equipment

In order to guide the Corporation towards a world-class level, the Corporation places much emphasis on sustainable development. It invests heavily on technical professionals, technologies, and advanced equipment, providing and creating outstanding conditions and platforms for both its research and production professionals, to raise its level of technology and to produce high quality products. The Corporation is currently equipped with many testing and measuring instruments and equipment that are of world-class standards, thus ensuring product quality will achieve world-class standards.

2.Highly Automated Production Equipment

A series of advanced numerically_controlled, grinding and assembly equipment has been introduced into the production workshop, utilizing a centralized filtration and cooling system. Together with the production equipment suppliers, we developed these grinding, ultra-precision, fully automated integrated production lines, and own the intellectual property rights. The production precision attained is at P5 level and above, with noise level reaching Z4, V4 and above. Some of our projects have.


3.Highly-Trained Equipment Maintenance Team

The Corporation places high importance to equipment maintenance and repair, and has set up a special maintenance team to conduct routine maintenance and inspection of its production and testing equipment, thus reduce hidden equipment faults, increase the reliability and availability of its equipment. This also ensures the equipment is in the best operating condition at all times, all product produced is of consistent quality.



The Corporation values the overall quality of our talents. We are committed to train all our staff regularly to improve their professional skills, inculcate a serious work attitude and a mindset of taking pride in producing high_quality products. The Corporation makes great efforts to ensure that all the staff are at the cutting edge of technology in their respective fields.





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