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FXM Bearing has a technical research and development center and is equipped with powerful developers. The center has been recognized as a provincial technology research and development center by the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The center strictly conducts advanced planning of new products, analysis of potential failure modes and consequences, formulating control plans and quality assurance plans in strict accordance with the requirements stipulated by IIAFT16949, to ensure that the quality policy of "high quality, excellent service, zero defects, and further improvement" falls Real place. The center develops hundreds of new products every year according to customer needs, some of which have passed provincial-level appraisal.

1.The measuring and testing room has dozens of precision testing equipments, which can detect and analyze the precise size, roughness, shape, contour and space position of bearings and their accessories.

2. The physics and chemistry room has more than ten equipments for material measurement and analysis, which can detect the material, chemical properties and physical properties of bearings and their accessories.

3. The laboratory has more than 30 sets of various bearing life and performance test equipment, and most of them are independently developed and manufactured by FXM according to the working conditions of the bearings. , Dustproof, waterproof (mud), grease leakage, temperature rise, high (low) temperature resistance, etc. to simulate the actual working conditions. The laboratory is equipped with multiple test engineers, who can design the test plan according to customer requirements.




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