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Wuxi NSB Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

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FXM bearings are located in Linxi County Industrial Park, Hebei Province, by the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal.Relying on the Beijing Kowloon Railway, Beijing Guangzhou and Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, the transportation is convenient and the economy is developed,focusing on the production and manufacture of insert bearing and deep groove ball bearing.It is a modern bearing production enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales. 

The world’s largest bearing manufacturing base-China Go by 20 years of honed, wind and rain baptism. FXM is becoming the synonym for high quality bearing products.FXM witness promoted the growth of China's bearing industry.Every day an average of 200 thousand sets of bearings start from here, are exported to all over the world.Every day 500 excellent staff conscientiously, to make great efforts in making high quality bearing.

In every corner of the earth, all kinds of products which carrying FXM bearing continue to push the world forward steps at an alarming rate.
FXM product advantages derived from the whole industry chain of production mode, turn on bearing good at management,FXM bearing focus on customer. Meticulously built the bearing whole industry chain mode of production, each step in the production of bearings, FXM full participation, strict quality grasp every juncture, bringing superior quality, variety, cost-effective bearing products.

Registered Capital
Number of bearings per day
Factory employee
Production equipment
Research and Development

Now FXM quality products and services are widely recognized by users around the world.After years of quality production process, we FXM focused on the deep groove ball bearings and tapered roller characteristics of the involved technology, tooling have applied for a number of certificates, and to establish a detailed accurate data repository. According to different customer needs environmental simulation test for our customers to establish a reliable technical support, but also for their own development of technology to provide accurate reference and the basis for their own and society from the mission and responsibility.
FXM to ensure product quality as enterprise's core work,the company has a chain of CNC machining workshop, with various types of processing more than 400 sets of manufacturing equipment.XM using Japan's advanced bearing inspection and test equipment, from product design, to production and processing in FXM, delivery to the factory to implement the three-dimensional detection.Strict quality control.

From raw materials first must provide warranty book and inspection reports, and through strict testing full-size, materials analysis, and simulation environment running test, the inner outer ring after heat treatment, through the double-end and ultra-fine grinding research processes should be automated line production, each product through rigorous testing and measurements in order to enter the next step, bearing the final assembly in a clean assembly plant automatically loaded with sets, and receive the second demagnetization cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. All products must all accept the vibration and noise detection. 

FXM is full implementation of ISO 9001 ISO 16949 CNAS REACH standards. Abided by a number of due diligence in the inspection team of professional norms create high-quality bearings escort. Each set of products, each part have been first-class equipment, first-class means of detection, first-class control system running along the high-quality bearings.
FXM can 100% meet customer demand for various types of product quality. In 2012 the company invested $ 10 million in new FXM plant engineering, to promote FXM bearing second venture to lay a solid foundation.




E-mail: mark@northcnn.com
Address: No.198 MinFeng Road Wuxi Jiangsu

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