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  • 1. Regular lubrication: Lubrication is one of the key to bearing maintenance. Regular oiling or grease application can accurately reduce bearing wear and extend bearing life. When using lubricating oil, pay attention to the type of oil and the thickness of the oil film. Especially in high-speed and

  • Bearings are common components in mechanical equipment. Their role is to support and rotate the shafts in mechanical equipment. Due to prolonged use and wear, bearings can fail and need to be repaired. Here are some common ways to repair bearings.1.Replace bearingsIf the bearing has been severely da

  • Agricultural machinery bearings are the most representative rolling bearings with a wide range of applications. It is suitable for high-speed or even high-speed operation, is very durable, and does not require frequent maintenance. This kind of bearing has the advantages of small friction resistance

  • 1. Support and positioning: Mounted bearings can provide support and positioning functions for the shaft, allowing the shaft to rotate stably in its axial direction and prevent deviation and swing.2. Transfer load: Bearings with seats can withstand various loads on the shaft, including radial force,

  • Plug-in ball bearings, also known as plug-in ball bearings, are bearings with spherical sleeves inside the bearing. Its main structure is composed of rolling bearings and outer spherical bearing housings, which are widely used in heavy machinery such as agricultural machinery, mining machinery, and

  • The outer spherical ball bearing is actually a variant of the deep groove ball bearing. Its characteristic is that the outer diameter surface of its outer ring is a spherical surface, which can be fitted into the corresponding concave spherical surface of the bearing seat to achieve alignment. Outer

  • When the roller bearing is in operation, the wooden stick performs a pure turning movement on the inner and outer ring raceways, so the support frame that drives the roller must have sufficient drag force to overcome frictional resistance. If the drag force is not enough to overcome the friction res

  • How to distinguish the working condition of the Insert Bearings? How is the working condition of the agricultural machinery bearing, which will immediately hurt the driving force and rationalization of the vehicle, now analyze 5 simple test standards for the working condition of the agricultural mac

  • Features of housing bearings1. Strong load capacity: housing bearings can withstand large radial and axial loads, which makes mechanical equipment run more stably.2. High precision: housing bearings have high positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy, which can ensure the smooth and reliable operat

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