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  • The basic structure of the bearing is composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling element (steel ball or roller) and cage.1. Inner ring (also called inner sleeve or inner ring): usually fixed on the shaft neck, the inner ring rotates with the shaft. There are grooves on the outer surface
  • 1. Keep clean: Ensure the cleanliness of the bearings and their surroundings to prevent dust, impurities and other pollutants from entering the bearings and causing wear and damage.2. Correct installation: When installing bearings, special tools should be used and the correct installation steps and
  • There are many factors that affect the service life of agricultural machinery bearings. Here are some of the main factors:1. Load: High load may cause bearing overload, which will accelerate its wear and fatigue failure. Therefore, appropriate safety factors and load limits should be considered in t
  • Determining whether a bearing needs to be replaced usually involves an assessment of the bearing's performance, wear condition, and overall health. Here are some common ways to tell if a bearing needs to be replaced:1. Listen to the sound:If a running bearing makes a sharp hissing sound, a metallic
  • 1. Contact fatigue failure: refers to the material fatigue failure caused by the alternating stress on the working surface of the bearing.2. Wear failure: refers to the failure caused by the continuous wear of the metal on the working surface due to the relative sliding friction between the surfaces
  • Bearings are common parts in mechanical equipment. Their function is to support and rotate the shafts in mechanical equipment. Due to long-term use and wear, bearings may fail and need to be repaired. Here are some common methods for repairing bearings.1. Replace the bearingIf the bearing is severel
  • 1. Listen to the sound:If a running bearing makes a sharp hissing sound, metal banging sound, or irregular noise, it may be a sign of bearing damage or severe wear.2. Check the temperature:Use an infrared thermometer or other temperature measurement tool to measure the bearing temperature. If the be
  • When the roller bearing is in operation, the stick performs a pure turning motion on the inner and outer ring raceways, so the support frame that drives the roller must have sufficient drag force to overcome frictional resistance. If the drag force is not enough to overcome the friction resistance,
  • High temperature resistant bearings are bearings that can withstand high temperatures. There are many types of high temperature resistant bearings, and different types of bearings can be installed according to different needs and environments.categoryHigh temperature resistant bearings can be divide
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