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Fans are essential to countless industrial production processes. Industrial fans operate under harsh conditions, often in places that are difficult to maintain, causing various bearing problems and reducing uptime, greatly reducing the service life of industrial fans.

FXM Bearing's solutions for industrial fans

FXM Bearing's operating conditions for industrial fans, and then choose appropriate solutions to greatly improve reliability. FXM Bearing's tools, technologies and services for industrial fans help customers reduce the high cost of unplanned downtime and improve overall productivity and profitability.

Can meet high temperature operating conditions
In the event of a sudden fire, the fire fan bearing needs to operate stably and stably under high-temperature environment.

Can meet high-speed operation conditions

Up to 3600 rpm, and smooth operation with high reliability.

Can meet dust and fog conditions

From high temperature to polluted airflow, the fan bearing must have reliable sealing performance in this harsh environment to ensure the normal operation of the bearing.

Can meet the conditions of low noise and low vibration

The optimized design of FXM bearing structure and high-level processing control ensure the smooth operation of the transmission process and low noise and vibration.

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