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Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

PPAP is part of advanced quality planning. The purpose is to determine whether the supplier correctly understands all engineering design and specification requirements, and
The potential production product can always meet these requirements in the actual production operation of a specific productivity.

Parts Submission Guarantee

The Parts Submission Warrant (PSW) is a formally approved document. Before submitting the Part Submission Warrant (PSW), other documents are required to be verified before approval. All measurements and test results must comply with the drawings and specification requirements must be verified, all required documents must be available.
PPAP retention/submission requirements

When no notification is required

PPAP notifications and submissions are not required in the situations described in the following situations
1. The change does not affect the customer's application, form, function, durability or performance requirements.
2. Replacement of the same measuring tool (replacement of the instrument) as part of the measurement maintenance or calibration system.

Need to be notified

It is important to identify any further processes that may affect the next customer or the final purchaser of the vehicle and its components. Therefore, changes must be notified in the following additional cases. The written document shall be approved by the approval authority.




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