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FXM BEARING----Green Bearing Road

FXM,First to improve the speed of running of bearings to reduce more friction .And using environmentally friendly lubricant ,thereby reducing the operating temperature and energy loss to extend the life of bearings .To extand the life of bearing and improve the performance of beariing to reduce waste generation at running time . And cut down the impact on the environment ,It is precisely the definitionof green .


Basis on occupational safety and motivate employees to improve efficiency work.FXM make sure to expand awareness on health and safety for every employee .FXM specifically contact with the relevant departments and invite inner & outer experts to train for all staff. FXM Bearing security management industry through the china standards Asspciation Safety standards.

Environmental Protection

FXM Firm to running every parts from Product design 、Production 、Packaging 、Equipment management 、Waste disposal to the daily operations ( such as documents processing and green ) – We have to reduce the impact to the environmental as the core .




E-mail: mark@northcnn.com
Address: No.198 MinFeng Road Wuxi Jiangsu

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