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Correctly disassemble the plummer bearing seat

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Beat the bearing seat

1. First, clean the working area to prevent dust and other debris from entering the bearing seat.

2. Use a hand-held hammer or copper hammer to tap the bearing seat lightly to cause micro-vibration in the bearing seat, which is beneficial to the smooth progress of subsequent steps.

3. If the bearing seat cannot be loosened, you can use a steel hammer to hit it again, but pay attention to the size to avoid damaging the bearing seat.

Remove the bolts

1. Use a wrench or torque wrench to remove the bolts on the bearing seat by turning them counterclockwise with moderate force to avoid twisting the threads.

2. If the bolts are rusted, you can use chemical agents or heat therapy to loosen them.

3. Disassemble the bearings

1. Before disassembling the bearing, the bearing seat needs to be cleaned to prevent debris from sticking to the bearing and affecting subsequent steps.

2. Use a tool to squeeze out the bearing. You can use a hydraulic press, tire jack and other auxiliary tools to squeeze out.

3. When disassembling the bearing, you need to be careful about the lubricating oil in the bearing to avoid oil contamination from contaminating the environment.

4. If the bearing cannot be removed, you can use the heating method to heat the bearing before disassembling it.

Pay attention to safety during operation to avoid damaging the bearing seat and bearings. In order to ensure a smooth operation, it is recommended to find experienced professionals to operate it to avoid unnecessary trouble and losses.




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