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1、Heat treatment

FXMbearing-automated controlled atmosphere mesh belt furnace bearing quenching production line and controlled atmosphere roller furnace bearing salt_bath quenching production line, equipped with over 30 units of physicochemical testing equipment, including spectrometers and metallurgical microscopes, providing strong guarantee of high-standard, high-quality bearing products.


FXMbearing-automated loading/unloading high-precision surface grinding mill, cylindrical grinder, integrated compound automatic grinding processing, zero-lag.

3.Model riveting

FXMbearing-automated pallial groove size inspection, multisize steel ball selection, automated riveting, automated steel ball testing, rivet, radial clearance.

4. Clearance inspection

FXMbearing-automated bearing vertical clearance tester, ensuring clearance consistency.

5.Ring cleaning

FXMbearing-automated dual-channel ultrasound with high cleaningability solution to ensure thorough cleaning.

6.Outer diameter testing, grease injection capping

FXMbearing-automated outer diameter sizing, roundness and taper inspection, high-precision grease injection dosing pump, grease injection by weight test, fully-automated ring sealing,dust shield capping and testing.




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