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How to apply anti-rust agent to maintenance-free bearings

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How to apply anti-rust agent to maintenance-free bearings

免维护系列1. Foaming method: Some small and medium-sized objects choose the foaming method in the vegetable oil anti-rust treatment, so that their surfaces adhere to the vegetable oil anti-rust layer. The thickness of the oil film can be determined based on the temperature or viscosity of the vegetable oil after anti-rust treatment.

2. Coating methods used for outdoor construction equipment or products with a unique appearance that are not suitable for outdoor construction equipment or outdoor construction equipment or products that are foamed, painted or coated must not only pay due attention to failure to cause deposits , and avoid forgetting to apply.

3. Sprayer method: Some large and medium-sized anti-rust products cannot be oiled by the dipping method. Generally speaking, spray painting is carried out in a gas purification area compressed by filtered air with a working pressure of about 0.7 MPa. The spray method can use organic solvent diluent anti-rust agents or chromatographic anti-rust agents, but sound fire safety and worker protection measures must be taken.

At the same time, maintenance-free bearings are not suitable for adding a variety of greases

It is not appropriate to use too much grease in maintenance-free bearings. Too much lubricating grease is not only consumed, but also harmful. The higher the rotational speed ratio of maintenance-free bearings, the greater the adverse effects.

The more grease added, the greater the friction distance. Grease has good adhesion, wear resistance, heat resistance, anti-rust treatment and wettability of non-standard maintenance-free bearings. It can improve the high-temperature oxidation resistance of maintenance-free bearings, slowly embrittle, and can melt carbon and avoid The metal chips and oil dirt are reunited to improve the wear resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of mechanical equipment.

As the amount of grease added increases, the parallel line temperature of the maintenance-free bearing increases. Under the same filling amount, the temperature rise of closed maintenance-free bearings is higher than that of open maintenance-free bearings.




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