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How to install square bearing seat

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1. Carefully read the technical documentation of the bearing seat to understand the structure, performance and installation requirements of the bearing seat.

2. Check whether the required tools and materials are complete, including bolts, nuts, washers, lubricants, etc.

3. Ensure that the installation surface is clean and free of debris to prevent impurities from entering the inside of the bearing seat.

031Bearing seat installation

1. Place the bearing seat smoothly on the mounting surface and ensure it fully fits the mounting surface.

2. Use bolts to secure the bearing seat to the installation surface and ensure that the bolt tightening torque meets the requirements.

When installing the bearing seat, ensure that the bearing seat is parallel to the mounting surface 3 to avoid vibration and noise during operation.

Bearing hole dressing

1. Trim the bearing hole to achieve the specified size and geometric accuracy.

2. Use professional tools to trim the bearing hole to ensure that the surface roughness of the hole meets the requirements.

3. Clean the trimmed bearing hole to remove burrs and impurities.

Adjust the gap

1. According to the requirements of the technical documents, adjust the gap between the bearing seat and the bearing hole.

2. After the gap adjustment is completed, you should use tools such as feeler gauges to check to ensure that the gap meets the requirements.

3. For clearances that are too tight or too loose, they should be readjusted to ensure the normal operation of the bearing seat.

Fastening bolts

1. Use appropriate bolts to fasten the bearing housing to the mounting surface

2. When tightening bolts, tighten them diagonally to avoid stress on the bearing seat.

3. After tightening the bolts, check whether the bearing seat is loose and retighten if necessary.

Acceptance inspection

1. Inspect all parts of the bearing seat to ensure there are no obvious defects or problems.

2. Check whether the installation of the bearing seat is firm and reliable to prevent loosening or falling off during operation.

3. Check the lubrication maintenance of the bearing seat to ensure that the lubricant is sufficient and there is no leakage.

4. Check the operation monitoring of the bearing seat to ensure that sensors and other equipment are working properly.

5. If any problems are found, they should be dealt with immediately and re-acceptance inspected to ensure that the quality and performance of the bearing seat meet the requirements.




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