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Maintenance methods of agricultural machinery bearings

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1. If you hear noise coming from the bearings of agricultural machinery, first of all, the most important thing is to find the location where the noise occurs. There are many moving parts that may cause noise, or there may be contact between some rotating parts and non-rotating parts. If the noise is determined to be from the bearings of agricultural machinery, it is likely to be damaged and must be replaced.

2. Since the working conditions that caused both sides to fail are similar, even if only one is broken, it is recommended to replace them in pairs.

3. Agricultural machinery bearings are relatively sensitive, and proper methods and appropriate tools must be used in all situations. During the storage, transportation and installation process, the components of agricultural machinery bearings must not be damaged. It requires a lot of pressure to press in, so you need to use tools. Be sure to refer to the instructions for use.

4. It should be installed in a clean environment. The entry of fine particles will also shorten the service life of agricultural machinery bearings. It is very important to maintain a clean environment when dismantling. It is not allowed to hit it with a hammer, and be careful not to drop it on the ground (or the similar handling method is incorrect). The condition of the shaft and seat should also be inspected before installation. Even slight damage can cause poor coordination and thus damage.

5. Do not try to disassemble the agricultural machinery bearings or adjust the sealing ring, otherwise the sealing ring will be damaged and water or dust will enter. Even the sealing ring and the raceway of the inner hole are damaged.

6. There is a magnetic torsion ring in the sealing ring equipped with ABS. This torsion ring cannot be hit, impacted or collided with other magnetic fields. Remove them from the box before installation and keep them away from electromagnetic fields such as applied motors or pneumatic tools.

7. Many agricultural machinery bearings are sealed and do not require lubricating grease throughout their service life. Other unsealed bearings such as double-row tapered roller agricultural machinery bearings must be lubricated with grease when installed. Because the inner wall dimensions are different, it is difficult to determine how much grease is present. If there is too much grease, unnecessary grease will leak out when the machine bearing rotates. General working experience: When installing, the total production of vegetable oil should account for 50% of the gap.




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