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Selection and use of harvester bearings

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1. Bearing size and type: Select the appropriate bearing size and type according to the design and needs of the harvester. For example, deep groove ball bearings are suitable for high-speed, low-load applications, while tapered roller bearings are suitable for bearing larger radial and axial loads.

2. Bearing material and hardness: Select the appropriate material and hardness according to the use environment and load conditions. For example, high-carbon steel bearings have higher hardness and better anti-friction properties, and are suitable for heavy loads and high-speed applications.

3. Bearing accuracy level: The higher the bearing's accuracy level, the better its rotation accuracy, stability and service life will be. When purchasing, you need to choose the appropriate accuracy level based on actual needs.

4. Bearing fit: The fit of the bearing with the shaft and bearing seat will also affect its performance and service life. When purchasing, you need to select the appropriate fit based on factors such as the material, size, and machining accuracy of the shaft and bearing seat.

5. Packaging and transportation of bearings: The packaging and transportation of bearings will also affect their quality and performance. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to choosing appropriate packaging methods to avoid damage or contamination during transportation.

6. Installation and use of bearings: When installing and using bearings, you need to pay attention to the correct installation and usage methods to avoid safety accidents or damage to the bearings. For example, you need to use appropriate tools and equipment during installation, and avoid incorrect installation methods such as using inappropriate tools or hammering.

Harvester bearings need to consider many factors, including specifications, materials, hardness, accuracy grade, fit, price, packaging and transportation, as well as installation and use. Only by comprehensively considering these factors can the appropriate bearing be selected to ensure the normal operation of the harvester and extend its service life.




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