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The role of seated bearings?

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1. Support and positioning: Mounted bearings can provide support and positioning functions for the shaft, allowing the shaft to rotate stably in its axial direction and prevent deviation and swing.

Block bearing2. Transfer load: Bearings with seats can withstand various loads on the shaft, including radial force, axial force and torque, etc., and transfer the load to the seat by forming friction between the shaft and the seat.

3. Reduce friction and wear: Seat-mounted bearings have built-in rolling elements (such as balls or rollers). These rolling elements rotate within the seat, which can reduce friction and wear, thereby extending the service life of the bearing.

4. Adjust the gap: Bearings with seats can realize the centering and adjustment of the shaft by adjusting the gap between the shaft and the seat. Certain adjustments can be made during installation and operation to ensure the smooth operation of the shaft and the accuracy of the matching dimensions. sex.

5. Guide and limit: The bearing with seat can be used as the guide device of the shaft to guide the shaft to the predetermined position and prevent the shaft from shifting and shaking. At the same time, it can also provide the limit function of the axis to limit the movement of the axis within a specific range.

Mounted bearings play a key role in supporting and positioning in mechanical equipment, and can transmit loads, reduce friction and wear, adjust clearances, guide and limit shaft movements, and ensure normal operation of the shaft and system stability.




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