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The usage rate of agricultural machinery bearings is very high. What type of bearings can be used?

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When agricultural machinery is used at a high rate, commonly used bearing types include rolling bearings, sliding bearings and hybrid bearings. Each of these bearing types has its own characteristics and is suitable for different working scenarios of agricultural machinery.

Rolling bearings have high load-carrying capacity and low friction coefficient, and are suitable for agricultural machinery equipment that operates at high speed and bears large loads. They can effectively distribute loads, reduce wear and tear, and increase the service life of agricultural machinery.

Sliding bearings have the characteristics of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, and may have better adaptability in some specific working environments. However, the friction coefficient of sliding bearings is relatively high and may generate a large amount of heat, so attention needs to be paid to heat dissipation and lubrication issues.

Hybrid bearings combine the advantages of rolling and sliding bearings and are able to overcome their respective shortcomings and provide more stable and efficient performance. This type of bearing may be more suitable for use in complex and changing agricultural machinery working environments.

In addition to the above common bearing types, there are also some specific types of bearings, such as deep groove ball bearings and outer spherical bearings, which are also commonly used in agricultural equipment. These bearings have their own characteristics and applicable scenarios, and can be selected based on specific needs.

When selecting bearings, you also need to consider factors such as the use conditions, working load, speed, and expected life of the agricultural machinery. Correct bearing selection can ensure stable operation of agricultural machinery, improve work efficiency, and extend the service life of equipment.

Therefore, for agricultural machinery with high usage rates, it is generally recommended to use rolling bearings or hybrid bearings to meet the needs of high loads, high speeds, and long-term operation. However, the specific selection needs to be evaluated based on the actual situation of the agricultural machinery and the use environment.




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