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Agricultural machinery

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FXM Bearing is a leading brand of bearing products in the national agricultural machinery industry and a leading innovator of agricultural machinery bearings.FXM Bearing and equipment manufacturers walked into the farmland to discuss the challenges they face and the issues they are concerned about. Pass and

Equipment manufacturers work closely together to develop solutions to practical problems and help agricultural farmers across the country increase productivity. We are committed to improving product quality as a commitment to our customers to help you meet the needs of modern agriculture

Increasing demand.

FXM Bearing Product Advantages

1. The well-designed and high-precision sealing concept can operate reliably under various weather conditions.

2. Low-maintenance or maintenance-free design to ensure high utilization of the machine

3. Can withstand continuous vibration and high impact load

4. Bearing steel with high cleanliness and full hardening undergoes heat treatment and precision machining to improve accuracy and prolong service life

5. High-quality polyurea thickened grease can provide corrosion protection and extend the life of grease




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