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May 1st Labor Day I Zhongda Bearing pays tribute to every great worker

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International Labor Day is also known as "May Day International Labor Day" and "International Demonstration Day"

(International Workers ’Day or May Day),

It is a national festival in more than 80 countries in the world.

Set on May 1st each year. It is a festival shared by working people all over the world

"Mei Zai freedom, world star, fight for my blood, sacrifice for him, we must wipe out all the power system, and remember the good day of May 1. Hong Qifei

Dance, take a bright path, do everything you can, each needs what you want, regardless of the rich and the poor, the responsibility is only mutual help, and everyone is willing to work hard together. "——" May Day Chant song


Labor Day is a common holiday in more than 80 countries in the world,

It is also a festival shared by working people all over the world.

Gorky said,

The best things in the world are created by human hands.

Labor creates a better world, labor creates the future of the world

The Chinese People's Government's Government Affairs Council made a decision in December 1949, which confirmed May 1 as Labor Day. After 1989, the country

The government academy basically commends national labor models and advanced workers every five years, and commends about 3,000 people each time.

Angels in white—healthcare staff Since the epidemic, health care workers from all over the country have taken the initiative to fight, and resolutely went to the designated hospital for epidemic prevention and control in Hubei to actively support; They are medical workers fighting on the front line to meet the difficulties, fighting against the day and night, fighting with life and viruses

Taking the risk of being infected by the virus, we are facing difficulties. They are great laborers, great heroes! Tribute to the angel in white! Tribute to them retrograde! Under the epidemic, save people from tenderness. Tribute-the retrograde in the epidemic!

Volcano God—People's Laborer Vulcan Hill Hospital takes only 10 days from design to completion and delivery. China has completed another impossible miracle. This is a “battle” that continues to race against time. Vulcan Mountain was born and created a Chinese miracle again! Race against time has created the "China Speed" that has attracted worldwide attention! Behind the miracle is the 4,200 construction site soldiers who work hard day and night and work day and night! It is a well-deserved Chinese "infrastructure demon"!

Blazing heroes-firefighters The fierce fire is fierce and ruthless, only the heroes go against the fire. Firefighters are willing to risk their lives and go against the fire; knowing that the danger is imminent, they still choose to bravely and protect our peace. In the face of fire and explosion disasters, firefighters always rushed forward at the first risk. The fire is merciless, but they are always a group of people who walk against the flow of people. They are willing to lay down their lives and walk against the fire.

Labor Day, pay tribute to them, pay tribute to my father, silently prop up a warm home, giving us the deepest love like a mountain. To pay tribute to my mother, to give birth to a baby in October, to cook every meal for us is a taste that will not be forgotten in this life. Tribute to the teacher, impart knowledge between the blackboard and the podium, and painstaking efforts taught us our initial attitude towards life. To pay tribute to my classmates, study hard and feel the ocean of knowledge, the classroom is the most beautiful four season scenery we have ever seen. To pay tribute to friends, to understand each other's happiness and sorrow is friendship forever. Tribute to your loved one, the loved ones who have accompanied us along the way, all the tender feelings came to my heart. Stunning time, met warm. Pay tribute to life, sweet and sour, bitter, taste everything, still warm in your face, splendid in your heart. Pay tribute to yourself, face everything without fear, and make yourself unique.




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