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Types and performance of agricultural machinery bearings

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Agricultural machinery bearings are one of the commonly used accessories in agricultural machinery. They are widely used in agricultural machinery such as agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engines, electric motors, hay rake, balers, harvesters, and threshers. The accuracy, performance, life and reliability of agricultural machinery bearings play a decisive role in the accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the main engine.

Agricultural machinery bearings can continue to withstand continuous vibration and high impact loads, and can operate reliably under various weather conditions. The structural design is very simple, ensuring efficient utilization of the machine. Commonly used bearing types in agricultural machinery include agricultural machinery ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, spherical bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, etc.

In addition, there are some special agricultural machinery bearings, such as deep groove ball bearings, which have a simple structure, can withstand large radial and axial loads, have the characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing, etc., and are suitable for various types of agricultural machinery. kinds of bearing applications. Tapered roller bearings are suitable for applications with large loads, high speeds or impact loads. They are often used in tractor wheels, transmissions and other components.

The type and selection of agricultural machinery bearings depends on the type of agricultural machinery, usage conditions and working environment. For example, in tillage and seeding machinery, bearings need to withstand lateral loads, overturning moments and radial loads, so housed bearings and housing units, deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, etc. are usually used. In harvesting machinery, good seals are essential to maintain high-quality grease inside the bearings and prevent contaminants and moisture from entering the bearings, so housed ball bearings and housing units are often used in such machinery.

Agricultural machinery bearings are an indispensable component of agricultural machinery, and their quality and performance have an important impact on the overall performance and service life of agricultural machinery.




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